Orbital Period Calculator

The length of time it takes an astronomical object to complete one orbit around another object is known as the orbital period (also known as the revolution period). In astronomy, it typically refers to bodies like planets or asteroids revolving about the Sun, as well as moons orbiting planets, exoplanets, and binary stars. This Calculator calculates the Orbital Period of a celestial body given its Mass and the Radius of Orbit.

Enter the Radius and Mass of the Central Object


  • Orbital Period
  • Orbital Period
  • Orbital Period
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  • Radius of Orbit is denoted as r
  • Mass of the Central Object is denoted as M
  • Gravitational Constant is denoted as G

The time it takes for an object to orbit another object is called its orbital period. Like Earth, which completes its orbital period around the sun every 365 days, it is possible to calculate the orbital period for any object revolving around it. Several types of satellites and space probes are operated using modern orbit determination and prediction since it is essential to know their future positions with extreme accuracy.