Orbital Speed Calculator

Orbital Speed is the speed at which an object travels in its orbit around another object relative to the center of mass of the larger object. In the case of Earth, Orbital Speed is the speed at which the Earth travels around the Sun in its orbit. This Calculator calculates the Orbital Speed of a celestial body around the Earth given its Radius of Orbit.

Enter the Radius of the Orbit


  • Orbital Speed
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  • Gravitational Constant is denoted as G
  • Mass of the earth is denoted as M
  • Radius of Orbit is denoted as r

Here, the unit of mass is kilogram (kg), and the unit of radius is meter (m). The more orbital speed a rocket gets from Earth, the less fuel it requires to reach orbital speed, which increases its efficiency. The average orbital speed of the Earth around the Sun is about 29.78 kilometers per second. This means that it takes the Earth about 365.25 days to complete one orbit around the Sun. Calculating the Orbital Speed of a body relative to Earth is crucial for many practical applications in space exploration, astronomy, and satellite communications.