Propeller Thrust Calculator

Propeller thrust refers to the amount of force that a propeller is able to generate behind it to move a vehicle forward. propeller thrust is generated by speeding the flow behind it as it pulls matter towards it.

Enter the Required Values

  • kg/m3
  • m2
  • m/s
  • m/s


  • Propellent Thrust
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  • F is the propeller thrust/force (N)
  • p is the density of the air (kg/m3)
  • A is the cross-sectional area of the propeller (m2)
  • Ve is the exit velocity of the air (m/s)
  • Vo is the velocity of the aircraft (m/s)

An aviation propeller is shaped much like a section of airplane wing. As the blades turn, the air is sped up along the edge of the blade and pushed rearward. As this air is pushed off of the spinning blade, it picks up speed. This high-speed air works against the surrounding air, causing propeller thrust. This is the force which causes the airplane to move forward.