CubeSpace Satellite Systems

  • South Africa
  • +27(79) 945 9957
  • The LaunchLab, Hammanshand Road, Stellenbosch, 7600, South Africa

Company Overview

CubeSpace is an aerospace company that specializes in small satellite Attitude Determination and Control Systems (ADCS). We offer modular, low-power ADCS components with class-leading performance, which are designed to be compatible with almost all commercially available CubeSat suppliers. 

Our 480m2 facility is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment such as 160m2 clean room space with an 8-meter-long dark optics calibration room, humidity-controlled thermal chamber, Helmholtz coil, ⌀900 mm x 1300 mm thermal vacuum chamber, 8kN vibration shaker, auto-winding machine, wheel balancing machine, and high accuracy 3-axis rotation stages.

The CubeSpace team consists of highly qualified aerospace technicians with IPC class 3 training, and engineers specializing in control system research and development. Our company has delivered more than 2400 ADCS components to 150 clients for approximately 250 satellites.

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