Triad RF Systems

  • United States
  • (855) 558-1001
  • 11 Harts Lane, Suite I

Company Overview

Triad RF Systems, founded in 2013, designs and manufactures high-performance RF and microwave amplifiers and subsystems. Users of the worlds’ most sophisticated communications systems rely on Triad’s products to extend range and increase data rates far beyond the radios’ standard capabilities.

With 18 years of LEO flight heritage, Triad RF Systems is proud to be an active supplier to both commercial and government satellite systems, focusing on the SmallSat and Cubesat markets.

The company specializes in MIMO radio system design, UxV high data rate digital link design and range extension, and Cube/Nano/Small Satellite amplifier and up/down-converter systems. The company focuses on delivering highly efficient, linear, rugged and reliable systems, while adhering to stringent requirements for size, weight, and power. The company’s products are deployed all over the world; from battlefields on land and in the air, to naval platforms at sea, to space.

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