Galileo 29-30

Galileo 29-30

Ariane 6 TBD - 2024 08:00PM

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An Arianespace Ariane 6 rocket will launch the Galileo 29-30 mission. The launch date is currently targeted for 2024 (UTC).

Last updated: May 10, 2024

Launch Information

Launch Information

Launch Vehicle Details

Mission NameGalileo 29-30
Launch SiteELA-4, Guiana Space Centre, French Guiana
Launch VehicleAriane 6
Launch DateTBD - 2024

The Galileo 29-30 mission is scheduled to be launched by an Arianespace Ariane 6. Currently, 2024 (UTC) is the target launch date.The most recent Galileo satellites from Europe have entered the constellation and are now operational, sending distress alerts to rescuers and navigation signals to three billion people worldwide. Their deployment, which comes after a summer test campaign, will enhance the Galileo system's overall data transmission performance and lead to a quantifiable improvement in positioning accuracy.

Launch Vehicle - Ariane 6

Height63 m (207 ft)
Diameter5.4 m (18 ft)
Mass530–860 t (520–850 long tons; 580–950 short tons)
Payload To LEOA64: 21650 Kg (47730 lb) A62: 10350 Kg (22820 lb)
Payload To GTOA64: 11500 Kg (25400 lb) A62: 4500 Kg (9900 lb)
Payload To GEOA64: 5000 Kg (11000 lb)
Payload To SSOA64: 15500 Kg (34200 lb) A62: 7200 Kg (15900 lb)
Payload To LTOA64: 8600 Kg (19000 lb) A62: 3500 Kg (7700 lb)
No Boosters2 or 4