Starlink Group 7-28

Starlink Group 7-28

Falcon 9 JUNE TBD 2024 05:30AM

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SpaceX is scheduled to launch a Falcon 9 rocket as part of the Starlink Group 7-28 mission from SLC-40 or LC-39A Florida, United States.

Last updated: May 10, 2024

Launch Information

Launch Information

Launch Vehicle Details

Mission NameStarlink Group 7-28
Launch SiteSLC-40 or LC-39A, Florida, United States
Launch VehicleFalcon 9
Launch DateJUNE TBD 2024

First Starlink Group 7 launch from the Cape, following an agreement with the Bahamas that allows SpaceX to land boosters on droneships within Bahamian territorial waters in exchange for an exhibit showcasing SpaceX hardware and their spacesuit, in addition to Starlink connectivity in several locations for schools and first responders.

Launch Vehicle - Falcon 9

Height70 m / 229.6 ft
Diameter3.7 m / 12 ft
Mass549054 Kg / 1207920 lb
Payload To LEO22800 Kg / 50265 lb
Payload To GTO8300 Kg / 18300 lb
Payload To Mars4020 Kg / 8860 lb
Burn Time397 sec
PropellantLOX / RP-1
Number Of Engine1 vacuum