Sener to Lead the Design and Manufacture of Space Capsule for Comet Interceptor Mission

Sener to Lead the Design and Manufacture of Space Capsule for Comet Interceptor Mission

The Sener engineering and technology group has been selected to lead the design and manufacture of the probe for the Comet Interceptor space science mission of the European Space Agency (ESA), in cooperation with the Japanese Space Agency (JAXA)

More specifically, Sener has signed a contract with OHB Italia, which leads the mission and the production of its spacecraft. As the main contractor for the design and construction of the space probe – which will be carried from OHB Italia’s spacecraft – Sener will lead an industrial consortium of more than 8 companies from 6 countries, experts in the field of aerospace, such as OHB Italia, SAFT France, MSC Canada, Euro-Composites Luxembourg, and Spain’s Iberespacio.

The Comet Interceptor mission of the European Space Agency (ESA) will be launched in 2029 with the aim of visiting, for the first time in the history of space exploration, a pristine comet, meaning its physical and chemical properties have been unchanged since its birth due to never having approached the Sun. “These comets are of great scientific interest”, says Demetrio Zorita, Business Development Manager at Sener, “because they tell us the origin of our world. By exploring their surface, we observe the formation of the solar system and the Earth four and a half billion years ago”.

The target will be a celestial body probably originating in the Oort cloud, a structure located at the limits of the solar system, where fluctuations caused by gravitational forces occasionally hurl some object toward the Sun, making it a periodic comet that has not yet completed an orbit. The Sener capsule will measure just over half a meter in diameter, just under one meter in height, and weigh approximately 40 kg.

It will be carried by the main spacecraft from OHB Italia, responsible for the mission, and separate to perform an approach within a few hundred kilometers of the comet’s nucleus, making scientific observations of plasma, magnetism, and radiation in various visible and infrared spectra, while the main spacecraft remains safe a much further distance away. “The mission faces enormous technological challenges, with perhaps the most difficult one being surviving the hostile environment of particles around the comet, with severe limitations on the mass and power available”, says Jose María Fernández Ibarz, project manager at Sener.

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