5th Edition of SPCD will be Held in October 2024 at ESA/ESTEC

5th Edition of SPCD will be Held in October 2024 at ESA/ESTEC

The SPCD international Symposium is the premier technical conference dedicated to Passive components for space applications. The event will be held from October 11th to October 14, 2022 at the European Space & Technology Centre Noordwijk, the Netherlands. It is an exceptional venue to learn more about the latest advances in this field and meet recognized experts from industry, academia and agencies. The event will be hosting several conferences, workshops, networking breaks, technical presentations and exhibition.

The aim of the SPCD symposium is to promote the discussion of recent developments and trends and to encourage the exchange of technical expertise and information covering a broad range of EEE passive components for space applications:

  • Capacitors & Supercapacitors    
  • Circulators & Isolators 
  • Cable assemblies & Harnesses 
  • Connectors & Interconnections
  • Crystals & Oscillators 
  • Fuses 
  • Loads & Attenuators 
  • Magnetics
  • Power dividers & Couplers
  • Relays & Switches
  • Resistors
  • RF switches & Phase shifters
  • SAW Devices (SAW Filters, etc.) 

The SPCD Technical Program Committee will award the best paper and the best poster authors. The selection is based entirely on the material submitted - abstract, full paper and presentation.

All conference papers submitted are eligible for this award. These awards seek to recognize the efforts put by the companies and individuals for its high quality research and innovation. A short ceremony announcing the winners of the best paper and the best poster will be held during the closing session to hand over special awards.

Objective of the symposium is to to acquire a good understanding of the pitfalls associated with EEE passive components procurement and associated costs and to explain the current challenges (lead time, shortage, New space, COTS, failures) and to highlight the kind of impact EEE procurement can have on an initially foreseen project budget and schedule of space missions.

The symposium consists of both invited and submitted papers covering the following topics :

  • Application, Trends and Needs
  • Commercial Off-The-Shelf  (COTS)
  • Evaluation & Qualification
  • Lessons Learned and In-flight Experiences
  • Materials and Processes
  • New Developments
  • Normative System & Standards
  • Procurement, Distribution
  • Technology Roadmaps

The SPCD invites participants to register to the conference and take advantage from the conference presentations, exhibition, networking breaks, welcome drink and the Gala dinner. Several workshops are organized one day before the conference. These events provide an opportunity to explore several specific topics in depth.

SPCD attendees can attend these workshops for free. Participation is open for SPCD attendees without any fees or restrictions. Advance registration is mandatory, SPCD conference participants are invited to book for these sessions beforehand.

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