BAE Systems Showcases its New Radiation-hardened FPGA for Space Applications

BAE Systems Showcases its New Radiation-hardened FPGA for Space Applications

BAE Systems, a company that provides one of the world's most advanced, technology-led defense, aerospace, and security solutions has introduced a new radiation-hardened field programmable gate array for space applications.

The RH1020B radiation-hardened field programmable gate array is a fully guaranteed device targeted for use in military and space applications. It is fabricated using BAE Systems’ rad-hard 0.8µ epitaxial bulk complementary metal-oxide semiconductor process. The process architecture offers gate array flexibility, high performance, and fast design implementation through user programming.

BAE Systems has achieved full DoD Qualified Manufacturer List (QML) certification, assuring that quality management, procedures, processes, and controls are in place from wafer fabrication through the final test. The RH1280B also belongs to this family of radiation-hardened FPGAs. Customers can also modify FPGA chip designs up to the day before delivery.

The FPGA comes in an 84-lead ceramic quad flatpack and consists of up to two high-speed, low-skew clock networks. It uses a design library with more than 500 macro functions and has a unique in-system diagnostic and verification function.


  • 3,000 system gates
  • 2,000 gate array equivalent gates
  • 6,000 PLD-equivalent gates
  • 50 TTL-equivalent packages
  • 20 20-pin PAL-equivalent packages

Logic modules

  • 547 C-modules

Flip-flops (maximum)

  • 273

Routing resources

  • 22 horizontal tracks/channel
  • 13 vertical tracks/channel
  • 186,000 PLICE antifuse elements

User I/Os (maximum)

  • 69

BAE Systems’ RH1020B with Actel Designer Software

Brings together silicon, synthesis, and simulation to create a complete and integrated design environment for designing BAE Systems’ FPGAs.

  • Integrated development environment including simulation, synthesis, and place-and-route tools for designs of fewer than 50k gates
  • Increased design simulation limit to 400k gates with unlimited synthesis, allowing designers to move up as their skills and density requirements increase
  • Includes simulation up to 400k gates and place-and-route tools. Ideal for ASIC designers who are starting to use FPGAs in their designs, but have already invested in synthesis tools

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GNSS Constellations - A list of all GNSS satellites by constellations


Satellite NameOrbit Date
BeiDou-3 G4Geostationary Orbit (GEO)17 May, 2023
BeiDou-3 G2Geostationary Orbit (GEO)09 Mar, 2020
Compass-IGSO7Inclined Geosynchronous Orbit (IGSO)09 Feb, 2020
BeiDou-3 M19Medium Earth Orbit (MEO)16 Dec, 2019
BeiDou-3 M20Medium Earth Orbit (MEO)16 Dec, 2019
BeiDou-3 M21Medium Earth Orbit (MEO)23 Nov, 2019
BeiDou-3 M22Medium Earth Orbit (MEO)23 Nov, 2019
BeiDou-3 I3Inclined Geosynchronous Orbit (IGSO)04 Nov, 2019
BeiDou-3 M23Medium Earth Orbit (MEO)22 Sep, 2019
BeiDou-3 M24Medium Earth Orbit (MEO)22 Sep, 2019


Satellite NameOrbit Date
GSAT0223MEO - Near-Circular05 Dec, 2021
GSAT0224MEO - Near-Circular05 Dec, 2021
GSAT0219MEO - Near-Circular25 Jul, 2018
GSAT0220MEO - Near-Circular25 Jul, 2018
GSAT0221MEO - Near-Circular25 Jul, 2018
GSAT0222MEO - Near-Circular25 Jul, 2018
GSAT0215MEO - Near-Circular12 Dec, 2017
GSAT0216MEO - Near-Circular12 Dec, 2017
GSAT0217MEO - Near-Circular12 Dec, 2017
GSAT0218MEO - Near-Circular12 Dec, 2017


Satellite NameOrbit Date
Kosmos 2569--07 Aug, 2023
Kosmos 2564--28 Nov, 2022
Kosmos 2559--10 Oct, 2022
Kosmos 2557--07 Jul, 2022
Kosmos 2547--25 Oct, 2020
Kosmos 2545--16 Mar, 2020
Kosmos 2544--11 Dec, 2019
Kosmos 2534--27 May, 2019
Kosmos 2529--03 Nov, 2018
Kosmos 2527--16 Jun, 2018


Satellite NameOrbit Date
Navstar 82Medium Earth Orbit19 Jan, 2023
Navstar 81Medium Earth Orbit17 Jun, 2021
Navstar 78Medium Earth Orbit22 Aug, 2019
Navstar 77Medium Earth Orbit23 Dec, 2018
Navstar 76Medium Earth Orbit05 Feb, 2016
Navstar 75Medium Earth Orbit31 Oct, 2015
Navstar 74Medium Earth Orbit15 Jul, 2015
Navstar 73Medium Earth Orbit25 Mar, 2015
Navstar 72Medium Earth Orbit29 Oct, 2014
Navstar 71Medium Earth Orbit02 Aug, 2014


Satellite NameOrbit Date
NVS-01Geostationary Orbit (GEO)29 May, 2023
IRNSS-1IInclined Geosynchronous Orbit (IGSO)12 Apr, 2018
IRNSS-1HSub Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit (Sub-GTO)31 Aug, 2017
IRNSS-1GGeostationary Orbit (GEO)28 Apr, 2016
IRNSS-1FGeostationary Orbit (GEO)10 Mar, 2016
IRNSS-1EGeosynchronous Orbit (IGSO)20 Jan, 2016
IRNSS-1DInclined Geosynchronous Orbit (IGSO)28 Mar, 2015
IRNSS-1CGeostationary Orbit (GEO)16 Oct, 2014
IRNSS-1BInclined Geosynchronous Orbit (IGSO)04 Apr, 2014
IRNSS-1AInclined Geosynchronous Orbit (IGSO)01 Jul, 2013