Space-Qualified Antenna Pointing Mechanism


Antenna Pointing Mechanism by Kongsberg (1 more product)

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KARMA-7 FG Image

The KARMA-7 FG from Kongsberg is an Antenna Pointing Mechanism with a frequency range of 25.5-27 GHz and a system gain of 31 dBi. The antenna pointing mechanism has an insertion loss of 0.8 dB and a power capability of up to 70 W. The mechanism consists of two main sub-systems with a traditional azimuth over elevation configuration and an RF system. The mechanism has a redundant two-phase bipolar stepper motor with +/- 210 degrees in azimuth and +/- 90 degrees in elevation. It has a rotational speed capability of 17 degrees/s and a full-step resolution of 0.012 degrees. This space-qualified mechanism has a mass of 7.6 kg and an operational life of up to 7.5 years. It has been used in MetOp-SG Ka-band data downlink, CHIME, ROSE-L, and LSTM satellite missions.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    KARMA-7 FG
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    Space-Qualified Antenna Pointing Mechanism

General Parameters

  • Space Heritage
  • Mission
    MetOp-SG Ka-band Data Downlink, CHIME, ROSE-L, LSTM Mission
  • Frequency
    25.5 to 27 GHz
  • Motor Type
    Redundant Two Phase Bipolar Stepper Motor
  • Mass
    7.6 Kg
  • Gain
    31 dBi
  • Insertion Loss
    0.8 dB
  • Polarization
    Right Hand Circularly Polarized, Left Hand Circularly Polarized
  • Power Consumption
    70 W
  • Velocity
    17 Degree/sec
  • Step Size
    0.012 Degrees
  • Operating Temperature
    -30 to 60 Degree C

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