Antenna Pointing Mechanism for Large Payloads

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The Type 55 Biaxial Gimbal from Moog is an Antenna Pointing Mechanism that has an output torque of 50 Nm and a holding torque of 55 Nm. This mechanism has an output step size of 0.0075 degrees and a power of 17 W per axis. It uses a potentiometer position sensor with a linearity of +/- 1.5 degrees and has an inertia capability of greater than 400 Kg.m2. This two-axis gimbal can be configured for a limited range of rotation by the inclusion of range-defining hard stops on the actuator outputs. It has a mass of 7.5 Kg and is ideal for supporting and positioning the majority of larger payloads.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    Type 55 Biaxial Gimbal
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    Antenna Pointing Mechanism for Large Payloads

General Parameters

  • Space Heritage
  • Mass
    7.5 Kg
  • Output Torque
    50 Nm
  • Power Consumption
    17 W
  • Unpowered Holding Torque
    55 Nm
  • Step Size
    0.0075 Degrees
  • Inertial Capability
    400 Kg
  • Operating Temperature
    -30 to 65 Degree C

Technical Documents