Launch Vehicle Platform by Aphelion Orbitals (1 more product)

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Trailblazer Image

The Trailblazer from Aphelion Orbitals is a Launch Vehicle Platform with Launch Vehicle Mass 452 Kg, Launch Vehicle Diameter 0.31 m, Launch Vehicle Height 6.5 m, Payload Capacity 20 Kg, First Stage Engine Thrust 9500 N. More details for Trailblazer can be seen below.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Aphelion Orbitals
  • Description
    Trailblazer allows the payload to be externally deployed

General Parameters

  • Launch Vehicle Mass
    452 Kg
  • Launch Vehicle Diameter
    0.31 m
  • Launch Vehicle Height
    6.5 m
  • Payload Capacity
    20 Kg
  • Number of Stage
    Single Stage
  • First Stage Engine
    AO-H1 Engine
  • First Stage Engine Thrust
    9500 N
  • Second Stage Engine Thrust
    14000 N
  • Propellant
    Hypergolic Green Propellant
  • Inclination
    85 Degrees
  • Altitude of Apogee
    130 Km

Technical Documents