Skylark L

Launch Vehicle Platform by Skyrora Ltd (4 more products)

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The Skylark L from Skyrora Ltd is a Launch Vehicle Platform with Launch Vehicle Diameter 0.7 m, Payload Capacity 50 Kg, First Stage Engine Thrust 31kN (sea level), 35kN ( vacuum), Altitude of Apogee 102 Km. More details for Skylark L can be seen below.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    Skylark L
  • Manufacturer
    Skyrora Ltd
  • Description
    Skylark L is a guided, single-stage, suborbital launch vehicle whereby launch is performed vertically from a fixed launching pad.

General Parameters

  • Launch Vehicle Diameter
    0.7 m
  • Payload Capacity
    50 Kg
  • Number of Stage
  • First Stage Engine Thrust
    31kN (sea level), 35kN ( vacuum)
  • Altitude of Apogee
    102 Km