1.3 m Triaxial Magnetic Field Simulator


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The SXL-MAGSIM-02 from SPUTNIX is a Magnetic Field Simulator with a magnetic field reproduction range of ±150 µT and relative error of 3.5 %. It has a magnetic field uniformity zone of Ø250 mm and an angular orientation of 0 - 4π steradian. This triaxial simulator incorporates mutually orthogonal magnetic Helmholtz coils with a coil size of 1.3 meter. The magnetic field is controlled by a power source, a software-controlled current source of 220 V. This complex triaxial magnetic system is equipped with a magnetic field sensor – magnetometer and has a rate of change of magnetic field of up to 100 µT/min.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    1.3 m Triaxial Magnetic Field Simulator

General Parameters

  • Type
    Helmholtz Coil, Square Coil
  • Range
    ±150 µT
  • Magnetometer Sensitivity
    Not worse than 0.02 µT
  • Magnetic Field Uniformity
    250 Dia mm (Sphere)
  • Angular Orientation
    0 to 4p steradian
  • Coil Size
    1.3 m
  • Rate of Change
    Up to 100 µT/min
  • Relative Error
  • Supply Voltage
    220 V
  • Unevenness of Magnetic Field
    Not worse than 5%

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