Low Noise Magnetometer for Nanosatellites

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Magnetometer by GomSpace

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The NanoSense M315 from GomSpace is a Magnetometer with a measurement range of +/- 800 µT and a temperature measurement accuracy of +/1 Degree C. It requires a supply voltage of 3.2-5 V and a supply current of 0.1-2.5 mA. This three-axis magnetometer has a maximum sample frequency of 140 Hz and a linearity of 0.5%. It has a mass of 8g and measures 23 x 20 x 8 mm. This flight-proven magnetometer is designed especially for nano-satellites and is used for satellite attitude determination and detumbling.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    NanoSense M315
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    Low Noise Magnetometer for Nanosatellites

General Parameters

  • Satellite Type
  • Type
    Three Axis Magnetometer
  • Mass
    8 g
  • Accuracy
    +/1 Degree C
  • Measurement Range
    ± 800 µT
  • Linearity
  • Supply Voltage
    3.2 to 5 V
  • Current Requirement
    0.1 mA(Non Sampling), 2.5 mA (Sampling)
  • Operating Temperature
    -40 to 85 Degree C
  • Dimension
    23 x 20 x 8 mm
  • Application
    Satellite attitude determination and control system(detumbling and attitude determination)

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