35L Spacecraft Propellant Tank

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Spacecraft & Satellite Propellant Tank by Antrix Corporation Limited (7 more products)

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The 35L Propellant Tank from Antrix Corporation Limited is a Spacecraft and Satellite Propellant Tank with a nominal internal volume of 35 L and a residual volume of 250cc. This propellant tank has an operating pressure of 24 bar and a burst pressure of 96 bar. It has a proof pressure of 36 bar with a maximum propellant flow rate of 50 cc/s. The propellant tank is constructed using Ti-6Al-4V commercially pure titanium and SS-304L. It supports 16 holes of 5.5 Dia on 214 PCD interface and has a dry mass of 7 kg.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    35L Propellant Tank
  • Manufacturer
    Antrix Corporation Limited
  • Description
    35L Spacecraft Propellant Tank

General Parameters

  • Operating Pressure
    24 Bar
  • Propellant Volume
    35 L
  • Total Volume
    35 L
  • Burst Pressure
    96 Bar
  • Proof Pressure
    36 Bar
  • Tank Dry Mass
    7 Kg
  • Tank Material
    Ti-6Al-4V in STA and annealed condition, commercially pure Titanium and SS-304L
  • Mounting Interface
    16 holes of 5.5 Dia on 214 PCD
  • Operating Temperature
    5 to 55 Degree C
  • Note
    External Leakage : Less than 1x10-6 Scc/s of Ghe, Residual volume : 250 cc, Propellant Flow Rate : 50 cc/s max at 0.2 bar ?p, Interface Details : 16 holes of 5.5 Dia on 214 PCD

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