Robust and reliable reaction wheels with high performance

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A range of robust reaction wheels with built-in driver and interface electronics. It has improved vibration tolerance to withstand demanding mission requirements.

We achieve this robust design through high-load space-rated bearings coupled with precision balancing. Integrated into each wheel is a radiation-tolerant electronic drive circuit and speed controller. The ease of use, together with the robust design, makes our CubeWheel the perfect wheel for satellites with strict requirements and reliability.

The main features of our CubeWeel include:

  • Robust mechanics
  • Magnetically shielded with internal mu-metal shielding
  • Integrated drive electronics
  • Gen2 common node design with in-orbit programmability
  • Robust mounting with threaded holes and steel coil inserts

Depending on the application, a satellite may benefit from either 3 wheels mounted orthogonally, or 4 wheels in a pyramid configuration. 

Typical use cases:

  • 3 wheels – Nadir, sun and inertial pointing
  • 4 wheels – Target tracking and fast slew manoeuvres. 

Prices for Pyramid Configurations:

  • CubeWheel CW0017: $21 730,00
  • CubeWheel CW0057: $30 080,00
  • CubeWheel CW0162: $37 200,00

Despite its robust nature, each wheel is balanced to perfection to enable high precision and stability ADCS systems.

Download our brochure for more detailed specifications.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    CubeSpace Satellite Systems
  • Description
    Robust and reliable reaction wheels with high performance

General Parameters

  • Satellite Type
  • Torque
    250000 nNm
  • Angular Momentum
    0.00177 Nm
  • Mass
    60 g
  • Speed
    8000 RPM
  • Radiation Tolerance
    24 krad
  • Vibration
    14.16 gRMS
  • Dynamic Imbalance
  • Supply Voltage
    8 V
  • Power Consumption
    0.15 to 0.58 W
  • Interface
    CAN, UART, RS-485, I2C
  • Operating Temperature
    -20 to 80 Degree C
  • Dimension
    28 x 26 x 28 mm

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