GF02 Camera

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GF02 Camera Image

The GF02 Camera from Chang Guang Satellite Technology is a Satellite Camera with Mass 83 Kg, Orbit Height 535 Km, Spatial Resolution 0.75 m, Swath Width 20.6 km, 40 km, Spectral Range 450 to 895 nm. More details for GF02 Camera can be seen below.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    GF02 Camera
  • Manufacturer
    Chang Guang Satellite Technology
  • Description
    83 kg Satellite-Born Optical Camera with an orbit height of 535 km and Calibre of Φ430mm

General Parameters

  • Mass
    83 Kg
  • Orbit Height
    535 Km
  • Spatial Resolution
    0.75 m
  • Swath Width
    20.6 km, 40 km
  • Spectral Range
    450 to 895 nm

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