Roll Out Solar Array (ROSA)

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The Roll Out Solar Array (ROSA) from Redwire Space is a Solar Panel with Power Delivered 100 to 120 kW/kg (Power to mass Ratio), Output Voltage 12 to 300 V, Mass 100 to 120 kW/Kg. More details for Roll Out Solar Array (ROSA) can be seen below.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    Roll Out Solar Array (ROSA)
  • Manufacturer
    Redwire Space
  • Description
    High-performance, lightweight, compact Solar Array solution

General Parameters

  • Orbit
  • Power Delivered
    100 to 120 kW/kg (Power to mass Ratio)
  • Output Voltage
    12 to 300 V
  • Mass
    100 to 120 kW/Kg
  • Space Heritage
  • Application
    Ultra-High Power Space Station or Space Tug Capability, Constellation Arrays (low cost and high volume, Electric Propulsion Direct Drive (high voltage)
  • Note
    Single Wing Size: 1 kW to 30+ kW, Mega-ROSA Configuration : 20 kW to 400+ kW