100 V Radiation Hardened Dual Solid State Relay


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RDHA701CD10A2NP Image

The RDHA701CD10A2NP from Infineon Technologies is a Space Qualified Solid-State Relay with a contact resistance of 0.24-0.75 ohms and an output withstand voltage of 100 V. It has an output current of 1.0 A and an input supply current of 30 mA. This dual solid-state relay has a power dissipation of 1 W and a lead temperature of 300 degrees C. It has an output capacitance of 110 pF and an MTBF of 22.7 MHrs per channel. This radiation-hardened relay has an output leakage current of 10-25 μA and requires an input supply voltage of 1 - 1.85 V. It has a total dose capability of up to 100kRads (Si) and is optically coupled. This hermetically packed relay is available in an 8-pin ceramic packaging and is compliant with MIL-PRF-38534 space standards. It has a mass of 0.8 g and is ideal for applications such as solar array management, heater controls, bus switching, ground power isolation, and generic load switching.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Infineon Technologies
  • Description
    100 V Radiation Hardened Dual Solid State Relay

General Parameters

  • Output Current
    1 A
  • Output Voltage
    100 V
  • Package
    8-Pin Ceramic
  • Radiation
    100 kRads
  • Relay Configuration
    Optically Coupled Relay

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