Non-Latching Space Grade DPDT Relay


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The HRS412V from Teledyne Relays is a Space Qualified Solid State Relay that operates from DC to 1 GHz. This relay has a breakdown voltage of 100 V and an insulation resistance of 10,000 MΩ. It has an operating time of 3 ms and a release time of 2 ms. The relay has a resistive load current of 1A and a maximum block integrity leakage current of 1μA. It meets the basic requirements of both the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center’s S-311-P-754 document and the European Space Agency’s SCC 3601 & 3602 specifications. The relay has a mass of 2.55 g and comes in a gold-plated or solder-coated lead finish. It is suitable for demanding space flight applications.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
  • Manufacturer
    Teledyne Relays
  • Description
    Non-Latching Space Grade DPDT Relay

General Parameters

  • Application
    Test & Measurement, Aerospace
  • Breakdown Voltage
    100 V
  • Drain Power Voltage
    28 V
  • Frequency
    DC to 1 GHz
  • Inductive Load Current
    200 mA
  • Insulation Resistance
    1000 to 10000 MOhms
  • Intermediate Current
    100 mA
  • Lamp Load Current
    100 mA
  • Mass
    2.55 g
  • Operating Temperature
    -65 to 125 Degree C
  • Relay Configuration
    Non Latching Relay
  • Release Time
    2 to 4 ms
  • Resistive Load Current
    1 A
  • Space Heritage
  • Space Standard
    MIL-PRF-39016, MIL-DTL-45204, NASA-S311-P-754, ANSI-J-STD-006
  • Switch Configuration

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