Rotary Actuator for Antennas & Space Systems

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Space Actuator by Comat

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The Rotary actuator from Comat is a Space Actuator with an output torque of 6 Nm and an unpowered holding torque of 1.2 N.m. This actuator has an output step angle of 0.033 degrees and a harmonic drive ratio of 30. The actuator has a power consumption of 5 W and a mass of 1.17 Kg. It is ideal for space applications such as pointing of instruments or antennas, or the deployment of appendages.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    Rotary actuator
  • Manufacturer
  • Description
    Rotary Actuator for Antennas & Space Systems

General Parameters

  • Type of Actuator
    Rotary Actuator
  • Mass
    1.17 Kg
  • Output Torque
    53.1 Lb-in
  • Power Consumption
    5 W
  • Powered Holding Torque
    141.6 Lb-in
  • Unpowered Holding Torque
    10.6 Lb-in
  • Motor Step Angle
    1 Degrees
  • Output Step Angle
    0.033 Degrees
  • Output Step Rate
    20 Deg/sec
  • Steps per Revolution
    10800 steps
  • Harmonic Drive Ratio
  • Application
    Antennas, pointing of instruments and deployment of appendages

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