Perimeter Truss Reflector

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The Perimeter Truss Reflector from L3Harris Technologies is a Space Reflector with Mass 18.6 to 118 Kg, Height 84.6 to 417 m, Diameter 19 to 82 m. More details for Perimeter Truss Reflector can be seen below.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    Perimeter Truss Reflector
  • Manufacturer
    L3Harris Technologies
  • Description
    High Accuracy, Low Stowed Volume Reflector

General Parameters

  • Frequency Band
  • Mass
    18.6 to 118 Kg
  • Height
    84.6 to 417 m
  • Diameter
    19 to 82 m
  • Application
    Communication, Science, Synthetic Aperture, Radar

Technical Documents