Hardware in the Loop Simulator

SKU: Star Field Simulator

Star Tracker Simulator by Redwire Space

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The Star Field Simulator from Redwire Space is a Star Tracker Simulator with Mass 5 Kg. More details for Star Field Simulator can be seen below.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    Star Field Simulator
  • Manufacturer
    Redwire Space
  • Description
    Hardware in the Loop Simulator

General Parameters

  • Mass
    5 Kg
  • Dimension
    200 x 610 x 180 mm
  • Mission
    Based on software written at JPL to qualify star trackers
  • Mode
    Mode 1: User defined flight segments from initial inertial, Mode 2: Externally driven star field display update, Mode 3: Predefined night sky tracking data
  • Space Heritage
  • Application
    Star Tracker Test and Validation

Technical Documents