Space-Qualified Surface Temperature Sensor

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Space Qualified Temperature Sensor by Collins Aerospace (1 more product)

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The Model 0118MF from Collins Aerospace is a Space Qualified Temperature Sensor that is designed to measure temperatures in the range of -269° C to 400° C. This temperature sensor has a resistance of 100-2000 Ohms and an insulation resistance of 10 MOhms. It has a maximum thermal hysteresis of 0.1% and a time constant of 0.6 seconds. The sensor has a maximum mass of 0.35 g and is suitable for use in any non-conductive fluid or environment that is compatible with platinum and a metal oxide ceramic. It is ideal for satellites and scientific exploration vehicles and is used on launch vehicles such as Atlas V, Delta IV/RS-68, Ariane 5/Vulcain, and K-1/NK-33.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    Model 0118MF
  • Manufacturer
    Collins Aerospace
  • Description
    Space-Qualified Surface Temperature Sensor

General Parameters

  • Space Heritage
  • Sensor Configuration
    Surface Temperature Sensor
  • Mission
    Atlas V, Delta IV/RS-68, Ariane 5/Vulcain, K-1/NK-33
  • Mass
    0.35 g
  • Resistance
    100 to 2000 Ohms
  • Insulation Resistance
    10 Mohms
  • Insulation Resistance Voltage
    100 V
  • Wiring
    2, 3, 4 Wire - 1.5” Platinum
  • Response Time
    0.6 sec
  • Operating Temperature
    -269 to 400 Degree C
  • Application
    Space Applications

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