Space Flight Thermostats G311P641/05

SKU: 11041 Series

Space Qualified Temperature Sensor by Sensata Technologies (1 more product)

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The 11041 Series from Sensata Technologies is a Space Qualified Temperature Sensor with Mass 4.8 g, Rated Current 0.1 to 7 A (Contact Rating), Operating Temperature -48.3 to 287.8 Degree C. More details for 11041 Series can be seen below.

Product Specifications

Product Details

  • Part Number
    11041 Series
  • Manufacturer
    Sensata Technologies
  • Description
    Space Flight Thermostats G311P641/05

General Parameters

  • Space Heritage
  • Sensor Type
  • Space Standard
    MIL-PRF-24236, MIL-PRF-24231
  • Mass
    4.8 g
  • Rated Current
    0.1 to 7 A (Contact Rating)
  • Operating Temperature
    -48.3 to 287.8 Degree C
  • Application
    Battery systems, Propulsion lines, thrusters, & rocket motors, Optics, instrumentation, & electronic modules, Hydraulic/pneumatic actuators, Cold plates, Electric motor pre-heaters & robotic arm controls

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