Globalstar - Satellite Network Operator

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Globalstar is a company that provides satellite-based communication services and solutions. It is known for its satellite phone and data services, which offer global coverage, including in remote and underserved areas where traditional cellular networks may not be available or reliable. Here are some key points about Globalstar:

Satellite Constellation: Globalstar operates a constellation of Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites. These satellites are used to provide voice and data communication services to customers around the world.

Satellite Services: Globalstar offers a range of satellite-based services, including:

  • Satellite Phones: Globalstar provides satellite phones that allow users to make voice calls and send text messages from virtually anywhere on the planet. These phones are commonly used by outdoor enthusiasts, remote workers, and in emergencies.
  • Data Services: The company also offers satellite-based data services for various applications, such as asset tracking, IoT (Internet of Things) connectivity, and remote monitoring.
  • SPOT Devices: Globalstar owns the SPOT brand, which offers personal safety and asset-tracking devices. These devices are used for activities like hiking, boating, and outdoor adventures. They can send SOS signals in emergencies and provide real-time location tracking.
  • Commercial and Government Solutions: Globalstar serves commercial and government customers with its satellite communication solutions. This includes applications in maritime, oil and gas, utilities, and more.

Global Coverage: Globalstar's satellite constellation provides coverage across most of the world, including remote and maritime areas. This global coverage makes it a valuable choice for users who need communication services in areas where traditional cellular networks are unavailable.

Evolution: Globalstar has evolved over the years, including the launch of its second-generation satellite constellation known as "Globalstar 2" or "G2." This new constellation was designed to provide improved capacity, coverage, and performance compared to the original constellation.

Headquarters: Globalstar is headquartered in Covington, Louisiana, USA.


Satellite Operator NameGlobalstar
Company Launch dateMay 2, 1991
Headquartered CountryUnited States
SpecializationMobile satellite communications
Partnership/CollaborationApple, Nokia, Qualcomm, and Thales Alenia Space
Satellite ConstellationConstellation of LEO satellites
Satellite Coverage AreaGlobal coverage excluding the polar regions
Satellite OrbitLEO (Low Earth Orbit)
Satellite Range1200 to 1500 Km
Notable SatellitesGlobalstar-2 and Globalstar-3 constellations
Current StatusActive
Services OfferedVoice and data communication services, including satellite phones, asset tracking, and IoT connectivity
Sustainability InitiativesGlobalStar with Trees4Travel’s carbon management technology calculated emissions from travel and helped to reduce the impact on the environment