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Satellite Launch Vehicle Platforms from VayaSpace are listed on SatNow. We have compiled a list of Satellite Launch Vehicle Platforms from the VayaSpace website/catalog and made their products searchable by specification. Use the filters to narrow down on products based on your requirements. Download datasheets and request quotes for products that you find interesting. Your inquiry will be directed to VayaSpace and their distributors in your region.

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  • Manufacturers: VayaSpace
Description:With the inaugural launch of our Dauntless vehicle set for 2023, Vaya Space will be equipped to offer launch services to commercial and federal entities
Launch Vehicle Diameter:
2.15 to 2.5 m
Launch Vehicle Height:
35 m
Payload Capacity:
600 to 1000 Kg
Number of Stage:
Single Stage
First Stage Engine:
STAR-3D Engine
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