Space Qualified EMXO Oscillators

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Space Qualified EMXO Oscillators from multiple manufacturers are listed on SATNow. Use the filters to select space qualified products based on your requirement. View product details, download datasheets, compare products, get quotes and pricing for matching products. SATNow has compiled this list of products specifically for Space and Satellite Applications.

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  • Oscillator Type: EMXO
Oscillator Type:
10 to 120 MHz
Frequency Stability:
±50 to 150 ppm
-30 dBc
-80 dBc
Output Power:
0 to 9 dBm
Supply Voltage:
3.13 to 5.25 V
Output Waveform:
HCMOS, Sinewave
Output Current:
60 mA
Storage Temperature:
-55 to 85 Degree C
Rise/Fall Time:
4 to 7 nS
Deep Space Exploration, Commercial, Defense Satellites, Ground Base ICBM Silos
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