Advancements on Additive Manufacturing of Wireless Electronics for Aviation and Space Environments

Additive manufacturing (AM) processes for electronics have evolved to produce high-performance high-frequency passive components when compared to traditionally manufactured counterparts. Furthermore, AM, combined with subtractive methods such as pulsed laser machining, enables novel 3D antenna and RF packaging geometries that offer advantages over the traditional planar designs. The transformative nature of AM in the RF and antenna engineering community is widely recognized for aviation and space applications, as it brings additional logistic advantages with the ability to print devices on a single machine, in the field, ad-hoc, with the ability of quick re-design and repair. This presentation discusses recent advancements on laser-enhanced AM to achieve 3D multilayer passives devices and sensors, with feature sizes down to 10 ┬Ám, compatible with space and aviation environments. As the fragility of the worldwide electronics supply change has become more apparent in recent years, a vision on how AM will advance society and human space exploration will be discussed.


  • Country: United States
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