YSBR: If Taiwan Goes, Does Commercial Space Go with It?

  • Webinar Date

    May 18, 2022

  • Webinar Time

    12:00 PM ET

Webinar Overview

The bombs falling in Ukraine have raised major geopolitical issues in Asia. One in particular will seriously impact the future of the commercial space industry. Taiwan’s significance to the world’s supply chain, high-value technology base, microprocessors and the civil life and laws upon which democracy depends are not always considered when we casually ask, “If Taiwan Goes, What Else Goes With It?” Could the industry be a casualty of a Chinese invasion? In this important discussion of the Roundtable, author and Brigadier General (Ret.) Robert Spalding, Innovation Acceleration Capital’s Darius Senkey, Tensor Tech CEO Thomas Yen and Dr. T.J. Liang of Taipei’s Industrial Technology Research Institute, a government think tank, describe what is REALLY at stake. Moderated by SSPI’s Lou Zacharilla and NY Space Alliance Founder Joseph Fargnoli, with special reports by SpaceNews reporters Jason Rainbow and Debra Werner. Sponsored by Luxembourg Trade and Investment in New York this edition of the Roundtable gets at a core issue that is not being discussed enough!