Space Diversification Requires Space-grade & New Space RF Component Strategies

The space near earth, and even deep space, is no longer the domain of large and sophisticated satellites, space stations, and exploration vessels owned by governments, militaries, and the rare commercial-satellite concern. Over the past several years, there's been a growing interest and investment in satellite and space systems that offer services to consumer and commercial business that are driven by fast-paced and budget-minded practices. These New Space organizations are developing businesses aimed at commercializing space, from communications satellites all the way to civilian-space travel. This new approach to space also requires a different approach to space technology, specifically radio frequency (RF) components and devices, which are already constrained by the unforgiving environment beyond earth’s atmosphere. Using mass-production methods that tip the economy-of-scale in their favor, these New Space companies are providing a growing opportunity for traditional highreliability space technology for mission-critical applications, along with a new breed of cost-effective and compact components and devices for space.