T54 Stacked Polymer Capacitors in High Reliability Applications

The use of polymer tantalum capacitors is growing rapidly in the commercial, industrial, and automotive industries, and is likely the future of small size bulk capacitance. The avionics, military, and space (AMS) market has been slower to adopt polymer tantalum technology. However, it is believed that once the polymer MIL spec that is currently underway is released, adoption will rapidly increase. Polymer tantalums solve many problems that have plagued their manganese dioxide (MnO2) solid tantalum counterparts, while still maintaining the benefits that tantalum capacitors have always offered. They do not produce the same potential failure mode as MnO2 tantalums, which is why the mobile phone and laptop markets welcomed the switch to polymer more than a decade ago. Additionally, the voltage derating of polymer tantalums is much lower (as shown in Fig. 1) and the ESR is roughly an order of magnitude lower than standard MnO2 tantalum capacitors by comparison, while still providing excellent capacitance stability over temperature and voltage. In order to maintain high reliability, Vishay offers a suite of tests and screenings in its high reliability COTS products, which promise much higher reliability than commercial offerings, Vishay currently offers two series of high reliability polymer tantalum COTS products. The first, the T56, is a standard molded undertab series. The second, the T54, uses Vishay’s patented advanced packaging technology, which eliminates the standard undertab leadframe in favor of a 360° sputtered termination, and makes room for a higher capacitance in the same space as the standard J-lead uses. This makes for a simple way to create a stacked polymer tantalum capacitor, which provides much higher bulk capacitance while saving valuable real estate on the circuit board. Vishay offers several options for stacked polymer capacitors, including a two-stack, three-stack, four-stack, and six-stack, as shown in Table 1. Fig. 2 shows the current available capacitance values and corresponding stack configurations. Contact your local Vishay sales representative for availability and sampling.
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