Solar System Observations with JWST

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  • Author: James Norwood, Heidi Hammel, Stefanie Milam, John Stansberry, Jonathan Lunine, Nancy Chanover, Dean Hines, George Sonneborn, Matthew Tiscareno, Michael Brown, Pierre Ferruit
The James Webb Space Telescope will enable a wealth of new scientific investigations in the near- and midinfrared, with sensitivity and spatial/spectral resolution greatly surpassing its predecessors. In this paper, we focus upon Solar System science facilitated by JWST, discussing the most current information available concerning JWST instrument properties and observing techniques relevant to planetary science. We also present numerous example observing scenarios for a wide variety of Solar System targets to illustrate the potential of JWST science to the Solar System community. This paper updates and supersedes the Solar System white paper published by the JWST Project in 2010 (Lunine et al., 2010). It is based both on that paper and on a workshop held at the annual meeting of the Division for Planetary Sciences in Reno, NV in 2012.
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