On the way to RF Softwarization, Teledyne e2v data converters push digital signal processing boundaries with direct access to Ka Band

This article describes market disruptions currently faced by the space industry which may not only upend current commercial assumptions, but herald significant changes in the way that space-borne infrastructure is architected and operated in future. The hypothesis is that market forces and technology trends point to a necessary focus on substantially more flexible multi-mission platforms hereafter. These SoftSats, differ over existing satellites as their operating parameters and air interfaces are soft coded (i.e. determined primarily by software) as opposed to hardwired as is prevalent in today’s hardware. In so doing, operators will gain access to resilient, agile platforms that will help protect their technology investment conveying to them greater market responsiveness over time. Moreover, the market will benefit as these innovations are expected to reduce space access costs through more standardization, enhanced flexibility, and system re-use.
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