Meeting Short-Term Cellular Demand with Satellite Service

Events such as the Glastonbury Festival, Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, and Coachella are known for drawing hundreds of thousands of fans together. Although these events take place off the beaten path, their attendees still want to connect to friends and family members elsewhere by sending photos and videos, making calls, and more. In short, they expect the same high level of cellular service they enjoy at home. This demand for connectivity wherever and whenever presents challenges to mobile network operators (MNOs) and event planners who want to keep their customers happy. That’s because networks designed for only a few thousand year-round residents can quickly get bogged down in the deluge of seasonal traffic, equivalent to the demands of a small city. At the same time, permanently building out capacity to meet such demand can prove prohibitively costly. “The more rural and remote you get, the less likely that there is a business case to be made for installing fiber infrastructure or even microwave,” Raghu Ramaiah, senior principal product manager at Intelsat, says of cellular backhaul infrastructure. Cellular backhaul is what connects cell towers and mobile phone users to wider networks. And while MNOs can roll out temporary cell sites, it’s not so easy to beef up cell backhaul infrastructure, which typically requires laying miles of cable or installing expensive microwave antennas and supporting infrastructure.
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Space Missions - A list of all Space Missions


Name Date
Altius 01 May, 2025
AWS 01 Mar, 2024
Eutelsat Quantum 30 Jul, 2021
Sentinel 6 21 Nov, 2020
Cheops 18 Dec, 2019
EDRS 06 Aug, 2019
Small Geostationary Satellite 17 Nov, 2018
BepiColombo 20 Oct, 2018
Aeolus 22 Aug, 2018
Sentinel 3B 25 Apr, 2018


Name Date
EOS-2 07 Aug, 2022
EOS-4 14 Feb, 2022
EOS-3 12 Aug, 2021
EOS-1 07 Nov, 2020
RISAT-2BR1 11 Dec, 2019
Cartosat-3 27 Nov, 2019
Chandrayaan II 06 Sep, 2019
RISAT-2B 22 May, 2019
Resourcesat-2A 07 Dec, 2016
AstroSat 28 Sep, 2015


Name Date
NEO Surveyor 01 Jun, 2028
Libera 01 Dec, 2027
Europa Clipper 10 Oct, 2024
SpaceX CRS-29 09 Nov, 2023
Psyche 13 Oct, 2023
DSOC 13 Oct, 2023
Psyche Asteroid 05 Oct, 2023
Expedition 70 27 Sep, 2023
SpaceX Crew-7 25 Aug, 2023
STARLING 18 Jul, 2023