Deploying Assured Position, Navigation & Timing (A-PNT)

From directions when you’re driving, to the exact timing of stock trades, and the guidance of precision weapons, an accurate sense of position, the ability to navigate and synchronise time enable our modern society. Position, Navigation and Timing (PNT) is critical to most of our foundational infrastructure. It enables phones to communicate, shipping containers to reach their destinations, and farmers to optimise crop yields. Today, PNT relies on global navigation satellite systems (GNSSs) including the US Global Positioning System (GPS), the European Union’s Galileo, Russia’s Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS), and China’s BeiDou. The satellite-based augmentation system (SBAS) is a regional network of ground and satellite system that works to boost the accuracy and dependability of GNSS data. The European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service (EGNOS) is the European version of this system and the Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) is the United States equivalent. Japan has developed its Multi-functional Satellite Augmentation System (MSAS) to provide SBAS functionality. India has launched its own SBAS programme (GAGAN) and China, Russia, South Korea, Australia and New Zealand have announced plans to start their own SBAS implementation
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Space Missions - A list of all Space Missions


Name Date
Altius 01 May, 2025
AWS 01 Mar, 2024
Eutelsat Quantum 30 Jul, 2021
Sentinel 6 21 Nov, 2020
Cheops 18 Dec, 2019
EDRS 06 Aug, 2019
Small Geostationary Satellite 17 Nov, 2018
BepiColombo 20 Oct, 2018
Aeolus 22 Aug, 2018
Sentinel 3B 25 Apr, 2018


Name Date
EOS-2 07 Aug, 2022
EOS-4 14 Feb, 2022
EOS-3 12 Aug, 2021
EOS-1 07 Nov, 2020
RISAT-2BR1 11 Dec, 2019
Cartosat-3 27 Nov, 2019
Chandrayaan II 06 Sep, 2019
RISAT-2B 22 May, 2019
Resourcesat-2A 07 Dec, 2016
AstroSat 28 Sep, 2015


Name Date
NEO Surveyor 01 Jun, 2028
Libera 01 Dec, 2027
Europa Clipper 10 Oct, 2024
SpaceX CRS-29 09 Nov, 2023
Psyche 13 Oct, 2023
DSOC 13 Oct, 2023
Psyche Asteroid 05 Oct, 2023
Expedition 70 27 Sep, 2023
SpaceX Crew-7 25 Aug, 2023
STARLING 18 Jul, 2023