GSAT0224 -Galileo Satellite

GSAT0224 consist of a total of 30 spacecraft in three planes in medium Earth orbit, which will each be occupied by nine satellites, and with three spares satellites distributed on the three orbital planes. At an altitude of 23,616 kilometers and an inclination of 56 degrees, the system will provide accurate positioning data to users as far north as 75 degrees latitude. Although similar in design to the American GPS system and the Russian GLONASS navigation network, Galileo-FOC will be under the control of strictly civilian organizations. Galileo is the first joint program to be shared between the European Space Agency and the European Union.

Constellation Information

Satellite Information

CountryCzech Republic
Launch DateDecember 05, 2021
Launch SiteKourou, ELS
Launch VehicleSoyuz ST-B
OrbitMEO - Near-Circular
Inclination56 Degrees
Altitude23,220 km
Pseudo Random Noise CodeE10
ClockPassive Hydrogen Maser (PHM)
Positioning SignalsE1, E5a, E5b, E6
Size Of Reflector28.2 mm diameter, 19.1 mm height
SIC Code7224
COSPAR ID2111602
SATCAT Number49810