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Date: May 23, 2024
Featured Space and Satellite Products this Week
Space Qualified Inductor
0.22-47.0 µH Outgassing Compliant Power Inductors
Space Qualified Inductor  from Coilcraft

The AE526PGA from Coilcraft are Space-Qualified Inductors with an inductance range of 0.22-47 µH and an inductance tolerance of +/- 20 %. These inductors have a DC resistance of 1.1-107 ohms and a saturation current of 1.6-38 A. They have a self-resonant frequency range of 4-125 MHz and an RMS current of 2.0-21.8 A. The inductors feature tin-lead (Sn-Pb) termination for the best possible board adhesion and have passed NASA low outgassing specifications.
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SATCOM Antenna
Folding X-Wing SATCOM-On-The-Move Antenna
SATCOM Antenna  from ARA

The ARA-0548FM from ARA is a SATCOM Antenna with a frequency range of 225-400 MHz. This UHF SATCOM antenna has a gain of 8 dBic and an impedance of 50 Ohms. It is right-hand circular or linear vertical polarized and has a VSWR of 1.5:1. The antenna has a minimum isolation of 24 dB and a maximum axial ratio of 2 dB. It has a power handling capacity of 200 W CW. The antenna supports N-female and TNC-female connectors and weighs 3.13 lbs.
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Space Qualified Optocoupler
Hermetically Sealed 3.3 V High Gain Optocoupler
Space Qualified Optocoupler  from Broadcom

The ACPL-6751L from Broadcom is a Space Qualified Optocoupler with a forward voltage range of 1-1.8 V and an insulation leakage current of 1 µA. It has a low output saturation voltage of 0.11 V and a low input current requirement of 0.5 mA. It is designed for telephone ring detection, microprocessor system interface, voltage level shifting, line receivers, system test equipment isolation, process control input/output isolation, military, and aerospace applications.
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Space Qualified RF Filter
4.25-10.00 GHz High Pass Filter for Transmitters
Space Qualified RF Filter  from Mini Circuits

The HFCN-3800 from Mini Circuits is a Space Qualified RF Filter with a frequency range of 4250-10000 MHz. This high pass filter has a stop band rejection loss of 20-30 dB and a pass band insertion loss of 1.5-2 dB. It has a stop band VSWR of 20:1 and a pass band VSWR of 1.5:1. It has a frequency cut-off of 3 dB at 3.8 GHz and a maximum RF power input handling capacity of 7 W. It is suitable for applications such as sub-harmonic rejection and transmitters/receivers.
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Satellite Beacon Receiver
VSAT Satellite Beacon Receiver
Satellite Beacon Receiver  from C-COM

The BR-400L from C-COM is a Satellite Beacon Receiver with an input frequency range of 950-2200 MHz and a pre-detection bandwidth of +/- 100 kHz. It has a frequency tuning range of 10 KHz steps. This VSAT beacon receiver has a phase noise value of -97 dBc/Hz at 10 kHz and an input power level of -105 to -20 dBm. It is designed to track the power density of a satellite beacon in real-time and works seamlessly with all iNetVu controllers and antenna platforms.
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Reaction Wheel
Reaction Wheel for Attitude Control in Pico Satellites
Reaction Wheel  from WITTENSTEIN cyber motor GmbH

The cyber reaction wheel 2 from WITTENSTEIN cyber motor GmbH is a Reaction Wheel with a peak torque of 0.4 mNm. This reaction wheel has a maximum rotation speed of 18000 rpm and momentum storage of 2.0 mNms. It requires an operating voltage of 3-8.8 V and has a rated power consumption of 480 mW. This compact reaction wheel measures  20 x 20 x 20 mm. It has a lifetime of 5 years and is designed for attitude control in pico or nanosatellites.
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DC to DC Converter
15 V Surface Mount DC-DC Converter
DC to DC Converter  from Crane Aerospace & Electronics

The MGA2815S from Crane Aerospace & Electronics is a DC-to-DC Converter that converts an input voltage range of 16-40 V to an output voltage of 15 V. It has an output current of 333 mA and an isolation voltage of 500 Vdc. It has a ripple voltage range of 50-250 mVpp and a load/line regulation voltage range of 10-50 mV. It comes in a hermetically sealed steel case that measures 28.19 × 28.19 × 6.35 mm. It is ideal for aerospace, military, and space applications.
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Block Downconverter
X-Band Low Noise Block Downconverter for SmallSats
Block Downconverter  from AmpliTech

The APT5-LNB-07750850-40K15-WR112 from AmpliTech is a Block Downconverter with an input frequency range of 7.75-8.50 GHz and an output frequency range of 800-1550 MHz. This X-band block downconverter has an LO frequency of 6.95 GHz and a minimum gain of 56 dB. The converter weighs 375 g and comes in a compact package measuring 6 x 3 x 2 inches. It is suited for smallsats, LEO, MEO, GEO, and portable or fixed X-Band teleport applications.
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Star Tracker
Space Qualified Star Tracker for Small Satellites
Star Tracker  from Solar MEMS

The Star Tracker for Nano Satellites (STNS) from Solar MEMS is a Star Tracker with a field of view of 15 x 18 degrees (Rectangular). This star tracker has an exclusion HFOV of 41 degrees (Sun - Cubesat baffle) and 30 degrees (Sun - Standard baffle). It requires a supply voltage of 5 V and has a power consumption of 1 W. The star tracker weighs 160-200 g and measures 90 x 52 x 38 mm. It is ideal for attitude determination in small satellites.
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Electric Propulsion Gimbal Thruster Assembly
Gimbal  from Moog

The Model-T 2 Phase from Moog is a Gimbal that can be configured for wide rotation on both axes with a total rotational range of +/- 36 degrees (X & Y axis). This gimbal thruster assembly has an angular resolution of 0.01125 degrees (per step). It provides vector-pointing capabilities for various propulsion thruster configurations including Xenon, Arc-jet, and NTO/MMH, and has successfully been used for orbit raising and station keeping of heavier payload satellites.
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SATCOM Amplifier System
500 W DBS-Band Rack Mount High Power Amplifier
SATCOM Amplifier System  from Comtech Xicom Technology

The XTRT-500DBS from Comtech Xicom Technology is a SATCOM Amplifier System with a frequency range of 17.3-18.1 GHz. It has a maximum intermodulation of -24 dBc with two equal carriers and a phase noise of -50 dBc (AC fundamental). The amplifier system supports RS-232 and RS-422/RS-485 and ethernet T10/100 hardware interfaces. It weighs 34.02 kg. This amplifier system is designed for fixed and mobile uplink applications.
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Space Qualified Power Transformer
0.97 mH Space Grade Isolation Transformer
Space Qualified Power Transformer  from Vanguard Electronics

The SIT225 from Vanguard Electronics is a Space-Qualified Power Transformer with an inductance of 0.97 mH. It is built to meet MIL-STD-981 specifications and is NASA outgassing compliant per ASTM E595. It measures 0.41 × 0.41 × 0.24 inches and is suitable for applications such as filter inductors, ripple suppressors, common mode chokes, SEPIC converters, DC/DC converters, power supplies, step-up transformers, step-down transformers, and isolation transformers.
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Space Qualified Atomic Clock
Atomic Clock for Satellite Positioning Applications
Space Qualified Atomic Clock  from Leonardo

The Mini PHM from Leonardo is a Space Qualified Atomic Clock with a design life of more than 12 years in medium earth orbit. This flight-proven atomic clock has a frequency drift of less than 1x10-14 after 1 week and a frequency sensitivity of less than 1x10-15/ degree C (to temperature). It has a mass of 12 kg. It was developed for the GALILEO Next-Generation phase and is designed for precise positioning, timekeeping, and other onboard applications.
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SATCOM Transceiver
16 W Ku-Band VSAT Transceiver
SATCOM Transceiver  from AnaCom, Inc

The Anasat Ku-band 16W from AnaCom is a SATCOM Transceiver with a Tx output frequency range of 13.75-14.5 GHz and an Rx input frequency range of 10.95-12.75 GHz. This transceiver has a Tx gain of 73 dB and an Rx gain of 75-100 dB. It has a 1-dB compression point of 42 dBm and a noise figure of 1-2 dB. It features built-in test facilities for improved maintainability and frequency agile radio equipment for independent Tx and Rx frequency selection.
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Space Qualified Solid State Relay
DC to 1 GHz Magnetic Latching Space Grade DPDT Relay
Space Qualified Solid State Relay  from Teledyne Relays

The HRS422K from Teledyne Relays is a Space Qualified Solid-State Relay with an operating frequency range of DC to 3 GHz. This magnetic DPDT relay has a DC breakdown voltage of 100 V and an insulation resistance of 1000-10000 Mohms. It has an operating time of 2 ms. The relay has a maximum block integrity leakage current of 1 µA and a coil transient suppression of 1 Vdc. It has a mass of 2.84 g and is suitable for demanding space flight applications.
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