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September 26, 2023 Newsletter - SatNow

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Date: September 26, 2023
Latest Space and Satellite News
AWS Collaborates with ISRO and IN-SPACe to Support India's Space-Tech Innovations

Amazon Web Services

Satellites Equipped with Terran Orbital Buses Launched as part of SDA's Tranche 0 Mission

Terran Orbital

Sidus Space to Launch Two LizzieSats on Upcoming SpaceX Bandwagon Mission

Sidus Space

Teledyne e2v HiRel Introduces Ultra-Low Noise Amplifier for Space Applications

Teledyne e2v HiRel Electronics

Karman Space Programme Set to Launch UK's Most Powerful Reusable Rocket


NOAA Awards $2.8 Million Contract to Spire Global for Satellite Weather Data

Spire Global

GMV Successfully Completes Ground Testing of MIRROR Space Robotics Project


HawkEye 360 Introduces RFIQ Product for a Deeper Insight into Radio Frequency Activity

HawkEye 360

Arianespace is Revolutionizing Space Access with Cutting-Edge Launch Solutions


AccelerComm, Radisys, RFDSP & TTP Announces LEO Regenerative 5G RAN solution


OSIRIS-REx Capsule Safely Returns NASA's First Asteroid Sample


Sierra Space Successfully Completes Sub-Scale Structural Test of their LIFE Habitat

Sierra Space

True Anomaly Awarded $17 Million U.S. Space Force Contract for Space Domain Awareness

True Anomaly

AMD's New Versal AI Edge Adaptive SoC Accelerates AI Inferencing for Space Applications

Advanced Micro Devices

Millennium Space Systems Achieves Mission Readiness of VICTUS NOX Spacecraft in 37 Hours

Millennium Space Systems

OQ Technology Announces Upcoming MACSAT Launch Aboard Arianespace’s Vega Rocket

OQ Technology

AST SpaceMobile Achieves First-Ever Space-Based 5G Connection From Everyday Smartphones

AST SpaceMobile

Momentus to Provide Transportation and Delivery Services for Aarhus University Payload


Be part of the 25th year celebration of Global MilSatCom Conference 2023
Be part of the 25th year celebration of Global MilSatCom Conference 2023
Be part of the 25th year celebration of Global MilSatCom Conference 2023
This is the longest standing, largest conference, and exhibition for MilSatCom in the world. Collaborate with leading SATCOM experts and connect with over 100 inspirational speakers and over 1000 attendees. Click here to learn more.
Latest Space and Satellite Whitepapers
5G interference immunity - Choosing the best solution - Norsat
ONYX Oscillators in Low Earth Orbit - Quantic Wenzel
The Role of Space-based Communications in the 5G Era - Intelsat
Increasing market access with Satellite IoT - VT iDirect
Solid State Ka-band Transmitters Power Broadband Satellite Communications - EM Solutions
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Featured Space and Satellite Products
Satellite Bus & Platform
Nano-Satellite Bus for Commercial Satellite Missions
Satellite Bus & Platform  from NanoAvionics

The M16P from NanoAvionics is a Satellite Bus with a payload volume of up to 15U. The M16P subsystems have been flight-proven during commercial, scientific, and technology demonstration missions. It is ideal for IoT, M2M, AIS, and ADS-B applications, and supports EO payloads.
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VSAT Terminal
Ku-Band Maritime VSAT Terminal
VSAT Terminal  from ASIASat

The V81 from ASIASat is a VSAT Terminal with a Tx frequency range of 13.75-14.50 GHz and an Rx frequency range of 10.75-12.75 GHz. This VSAT terminal has an antenna size of 83 cm and a minimum operating elevation of -10°. The VSAT terminal has a G/T of 17.0dB/K and an antenna power consumption of 80-100 W.
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Space Qualified Power Divider
1425-1900 MHz 2-Way Power Splitter
Space Qualified Power Divider  from Mini Circuits

The SCN-2-19 from Mini-Circuits is a Space-Qualified Power Divider with a frequency range of 1425-1900 MHz. The power divider incorporates a temperature-stable LTCC technology and has a small size of 0.12 x 0.06 x 0.035 inches. It is suitable for GPS and PCB applications.
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Test Loop Translator
13.75-14.35 GHz Test Loop Translator
Test Loop Translator  from Jersey Microwave

The KTLT-137145-117122-N22 from Jersey Microwave is a Test Loop Translator with an input frequency range of 13.75 - 14.35 GHz and an output frequency range of 11.55 - 12.15 GHz. It features an auto-switchover of external reference and supports the RS-422 and RS-485 interfaces. The test loop translator has a maximum mass of 6.8 Kg.
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Space Qualified Inductor
6.8-10000 µH Outgassing Compliant Power Inductors
Space Qualified Inductor  from Coilcraft

The AE512PJB from Coilcraft are Space-Qualified Inductors with an inductance range of 6.8-10000 µH and an inductance tolerance of +/-20 %. It has a DC resistance of 0.075-29 Ohms and a saturation current of 0.059-2.6 A. It has a mass of 395-544 mg and measures 0.236 x 0.236 x 0.138 inches (L x H x W).
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Launch Vehicle Actuator
Non-Pyrotechnic Launch Vehicle Actuator
Launch Vehicle Actuator  from Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense Company (EBAD)

The FC4 from Ensign-Bickford Aerospace & Defense Company (EBAD) is a Launch Vehicle Actuator with a maximum load support capability of 3400 lbf. The FC8 features a redundant firing unit and is ideal for applications such as solar arrays and instrument deployment, instrument launch locks, optic covers, and satellite separation systems.
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Space Transmitter
C-band Downlink Transmitter for LEO Missions
Space Transmitter  from Honeywell Aerospace

The CDL-MS02 from Honeywell Aerospace is a Space Transmitter with a transmitter frequency range of 5.1-5.3 GHz and a variable output power of up to 5 W. The transmitter has a mass of 1500 g and measures 179 x 232 x 47mm. It is ideal for the mission requirements of smallsat LEO missions.
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SATCOM Transceiver
200 W X-band SATCOM Transceiver
SATCOM Transceiver  from ACORDE

The ACTR-X200W-E1-V1 from ACORDE is a SATCOM Transceiver with a Tx input frequency range of 950-1450 GHz and an Rx IF frequency range of 7.25-7.75 GHz. It is designed for harsh environmental conditions and professional and military satellite communication systems such as ground, SOTP, SOTM, and maritime.
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Space Qualified Solid State Relay
Space-Qualified 1PDT Non-Latching Relays
Space Qualified Solid State Relay  from FIRST SwitchTech

The E110 Series from FIRST SwitchTech is a Space Qualified Solid State Relay with a maximum operating time and release time of 6 ms. The relay has a nominal coil voltage range of 6-48 V and a maximum pick-up voltage of 3.3-36 V. It has a mass of 17 g and a volume of 3.3 cubic cm.
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Satellite On-Board Computer (OBC)
On-Board Computer for Satellites
Satellite On-Board Computer (OBC)  from KP Labs

The ANTELOPE from KP Labs is a Satellite On-board computer (OBC) that is based on the Hercules RM57 microcontroller. It is responsible for satellite control and performs basic tasks such as communication handling, monitoring the satellite’s subsystems, handling the FDIR mechanism, and performing planned tasks.
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SATCOM Low Noise Block
Ka-Band PLL SATCOM Low Noise Block
SATCOM Low Noise Block  from Swedish Microwave AB

The Ka-Band PLL LNB 20.20 from Swedish Microwave AB is a SATCOM Low Noise Block with an input frequency range of 21.20 - 22.20 GHz and an output frequency range of 1 - 2 GHz.  This LNB has a LO frequency of 20.2 GHz and a gain of 60 dB. This LNB has a mass of 326 g and measures 127 x 56 x 44 mm.
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Space Qualified Diode
14 V Small Signal Zener Diode
Space Qualified Diode  from Vishay

The 1N5244 from Vishay is a Space Qualified Diode with a zener voltage range of 14 V and a maximum reverse leakage current of 0.1 µA. This diode has a test current of 9 mA and a dynamic resistance of 15 Ohms. The diode has a zener voltage tolerance of +/- 5 % and is suitable for voltage stabilization applications.
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