Earth Station Altitude Calculator

A group of devices placed on the surface of the earth that allow communication over one or more satellites is known as an earth station altitude. For the purpose of estimating the effectiveness of satellite communication, the height of the rain is a crucial input element. The Slant Length is the length from the base to the peak of a lateral face. The angle of elevation is the angle formed between the object and the horizontal line of sight.

Enter the Height of Rain, Slant Length and Angle of Elevation

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An Earth station consists of a reflector antenna, a feed system to send and receive the RF carrier, data handling equipment, and mechanical tracking equipment to keep the satellite within the antenna’s data send/receive area. 

  • Earth Station Altitude: Earth stations form part of a satellite network’s ground segment. These can be directly connected or connected over a terrestrial network to the end user's equipment. 
  • Height of Rain: The height of rain is needed for the estimated performance of satellite communication. 
  • Slant Length: Slant Length is the distance measured along a lateral face from the base to the apex. 
  • Angle of Elevation: The angle of elevation is the angle between the horizontal line of sight and the object. The Earth Station Altitude is represented in kilometers (Km).