Europa Clipper - NASA Satellite

Europa Clipper is being crafted with one overarching goal to determine if Europa (Jupiter Moon) has conditions suitable to support life.

Mission Information

Mission Details

NameEuropa Clipper
Launch DateOctober 10, 2024
Mission TypeUnmanned
Launch VehicleFalcon Heavy
Launch SiteKennedy Space Center, LC-39A
CollaborationJet Propulsion Laboratory

Satellite Details

ApplicationMultiple Flyby Mission
Scientific InstrumentEuropa Clipper Magnetometer (ECM), Europa Imaging System (EIS), Europa Thermal Emission Imaging System (E-THEMIS), Europa Ultraviolet Spectrograph (Europa-UVS), Mapping Imaging Spectrometer for Europa (MISE)
Mass6065 Kg (13371 lb)

Space Organization Details

CountryUnited States
ContinentNorth America