Navstar 76 -GPS Satellite

Navstar 76 (USA 266, GPS IIF-12) is a satellite orbiting Plane F of the GPS constellation where it enters Slot 1 to replace the IIR-6 satellite that was launched back in late 2000 and looks forward to taking a different spot in the constellation from where it will enhance legacy coverage and serve a redundant function.

Constellation Information

Satellite Information

NameNavstar 76
CountryUnited States
Launch DateFebruary 05, 2016
Launch SiteCape Canaveral, United States
Launch VehicleAtlas V 401
Mission Duration12 years (planned)
Launch Mass1630 Kg (3590 Lb)
OrbitMedium Earth Orbit
Apogee Altitude20,181 Km (12,540 mi)
Perigee Altitude20,196 Km (12,549 mi)
Satellite BlockGPS Block IIF
Period717.9 minutes
Pseudo Random Noise Code32
Inclination Angle55.01 Deg
COSPAR ID2016-007A
SATCAT Number41328
Other NamesUSA 266, 41328