Antenna Efficiency Calculator

Antenna efficiency, also referred to as radiation efficiency, gauges how well an antenna can transmit its output power with the least amount of losses. Antenna efficiency calculator refers to the ratio of power radiated by the antenna to the power supplied to the antenna. Radiated power is the sum of all power radiated by an antenna connected to a transmitter.

Enter Radiated Power and Supplied Power to calculate Antenna Efficiency

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  • Radiated power is denoted as PRAD
  • Supplied power of the antenna is denoted as PS

The efficiency of an antenna is usually measured in an anechoic chamber where an antenna is fed with a certain amount of power and the strength of the radiated electromagnetic field in the surrounding space is measured. A high-efficiency antenna has most of the power present at the antenna's input radiated away. A low-efficiency antenna has most of the power absorbed as losses within the antenna or reflected away due to impedance mismatch.

Antenna efficiency is always denoted in % (percentage).