Kosmos 2527 -GLONASS Satellite

The Glonass fleet consists of 24 active satellites, plus the new spacecraft launched Saturday and another undergoing flight tests. The network, which is run by the Russian military but is also used by civilians worldwide, requires 24 satellites in service spread among three orbital planes to provide global navigation coverage.

Satellite Information

NameKosmos 2527
Launch DateJune 16, 2018
Launch SitePlesetsk Site, Russia
Launch VehicleSoyuz-2.1b Fregat-M
Orbital PlaneI

GNSS Constellations - A list of all GNSS satellites by constellations


Satellite NameOrbitSatellite Block Date
BeiDou-3 G4Geostationary Orbit (GEO)--17 May, 2023
BeiDou-3 G2Geostationary Orbit (GEO)--09 Mar, 2020
Compass-IGSO7Inclined Geosynchronous Orbit (IGSO)--09 Feb, 2020
BeiDou-3 M19Medium Earth Orbit (MEO)--16 Dec, 2019
BeiDou-3 M20Medium Earth Orbit (MEO)--16 Dec, 2019
BeiDou-3 M21Medium Earth Orbit (MEO)--23 Nov, 2019
BeiDou-3 M22Medium Earth Orbit (MEO)--23 Nov, 2019
BeiDou-3 I3Inclined Geosynchronous Orbit (IGSO)--04 Nov, 2019
BeiDou-3 M23Medium Earth Orbit (MEO)--22 Sep, 2019
BeiDou-3 M24Medium Earth Orbit (MEO)--22 Sep, 2019


Satellite NameOrbitSatellite Block Date
GSAT0223MEO - Near-Circular--05 Dec, 2021
GSAT0224MEO - Near-Circular--05 Dec, 2021
GSAT0219MEO - Near-Circular--25 Jul, 2018
GSAT0220MEO - Near-Circular--25 Jul, 2018
GSAT0221MEO - Near-Circular--25 Jul, 2018
GSAT0222MEO - Near-Circular--25 Jul, 2018
GSAT0215MEO - Near-Circular--12 Dec, 2017
GSAT0216MEO - Near-Circular--12 Dec, 2017
GSAT0217MEO - Near-Circular--12 Dec, 2017
GSAT0218MEO - Near-Circular--12 Dec, 2017


Satellite NameOrbitSatellite Block Date
Navstar 82Medium Earth OrbitGPS Block III19 Jan, 2023
Navstar 81Medium Earth OrbitGPS Block III17 Jun, 2021
Navstar 78Medium Earth OrbitGPS Block III22 Aug, 2019
Navstar 77Medium Earth OrbitGPS Block III23 Dec, 2018
Navstar 76Medium Earth OrbitGPS Block IIF05 Feb, 2016
Navstar 75Medium Earth OrbitGPS Block IIF31 Oct, 2015
Navstar 74Medium Earth OrbitGPS Block IIF15 Jul, 2015
Navstar 73Medium Earth OrbitGPS Block IIF25 Mar, 2015
Navstar 72Medium Earth OrbitGPS Block IIF29 Oct, 2014
Navstar 71Medium Earth OrbitGPS Block IIF02 Aug, 2014


Satellite NameOrbitSatellite Block Date
NVS-01Geostationary Orbit (GEO)--29 May, 2023
IRNSS-1IInclined Geosynchronous Orbit (IGSO)--12 Apr, 2018
IRNSS-1HSub Geosynchronous Transfer Orbit (Sub-GTO)--31 Aug, 2017
IRNSS-1GGeostationary Orbit (GEO)--28 Apr, 2016
IRNSS-1FGeostationary Orbit (GEO)--10 Mar, 2016
IRNSS-1EGeosynchronous Orbit (IGSO)--20 Jan, 2016
IRNSS-1DInclined Geosynchronous Orbit (IGSO)--28 Mar, 2015
IRNSS-1CGeostationary Orbit (GEO)--16 Oct, 2014
IRNSS-1BInclined Geosynchronous Orbit (IGSO)--04 Apr, 2014
IRNSS-1AInclined Geosynchronous Orbit (IGSO)--01 Jul, 2013