ALOS-3 JAXA Satellite

Advanced Land Observing Satellite-3 - DAICHI-3 (ALOS-3) is a successor of the optical mission of Advanced Land Observation Satellite (ALOS). The sensor onboard ALOS-3 is designed for an improved ground resolution (0.8 m) and wide-swath (70 km) simultaneously by expanding the size and upgrading performance compared to that of ALOS. ALOS-3 observations regularly cover all of the land areas of not only Japan but also across the whole world.

Mission Information

Mission Details

ApplicationAchieving improved optical observation with wide-swath and high-resolution as a successor of optical mission of ALOS
Launch DateMarch 07, 2023
Launch SiteTanegashima Space Center, Japan
Launch VehicleH3 TF1

Satellite Details

Scientific InstrumentPanchromatic (black and white), Multispectral (color)
Mass2721.5 Kg

Orbit Information

OrbitSun-synchronous subrecurrent orbit
Orbital Altitude669 Km
Orbital Period35 Days

Space Organization Details