Nara Space Partners with Syrlinks to Integrate X-Band Transmitter into BUSANSAT

Nara Space Partners with Syrlinks to Integrate X-Band Transmitter into BUSANSAT

Syrlinks, one of the leaders in the design of RF Communication systems for Space, and Nara Space, a new space startup in South Korea that builds nanosatellite constellations, have announced their partnership in the integration of Syrlinks’s compact X-Band Transmitter – EWC27.

Nara Space has developed a unique range of 12U satellites called BUSANSAT which will collect marine spatial information and monitor marine fine dust. The 1-year lifetime satellite will be launched in 2024.

In order to implement a high-data-rate transmission link, Nara Space has elected the EWC27 product from Syrlinks. Indeed, this solution enables very high data rate throughput in X-Band, featuring low power consumption and a highly efficient power amplifier. With more than 120 flight models already delivered, the EWC27 is a top-class radio for Nanosatellites.

“This is a great opportunity for us to support future major players with products that have a strong heritage and will ensure the success of the mission,” says Ronan FOUBERT, Nanosat/ Cubesat product owner at Syrlinks.

“It is a great recognition of a work of several years to design New-Space RF communication compact designs, suitable for nanosatellites and bringing cutting-edge transmitting performances.”, adds Eric PINSON, Director of Space activity at Syrlinks.

I am delighted to be able to increase the probability of mission success by using EWC27 famous for being the most reliable X-band transmitter in the small satellite market. We are using EWC27 not only for BusanSat but also for Observer-1, Nara Space’s first standard satellite that will be launched next year. We will build a future-oriented cooperative relationship with Syrlinks» said Jungkye Lee, director of satellite development at Nara Space.

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