CAES Signs a Contract with Jena-Optronik to Deliver Quad-Core LEON4FT Processor for Star Sensors

CAES Signs a Contract with Jena-Optronik to Deliver Quad-Core LEON4FT Processor for Star Sensors

CAES, one of the leaders in advanced mission-critical electronics for aerospace and defense, has announced that it has signed a multi-year contract with Jena-Optronik to deliver flight-grade GR740 quad-core LEON4FT SPARC V8 Microprocessor devices for its next-generation sensor products.

The official contract signing will take place in person at the International Astronautical Congress (IAC), in the Swedish pavilion on September 20, 2022, in Paris, France. The CEO of Jena-Optronik, Peter Kapell, and CAES Gaisler Product’s General Manager, Sandi Habinc will be in attendance.

The CAES GR740 microprocessor was chosen for its software reuse, lower power, and increased processing power. The standard interfaces, scalable performance, and ease of design enable the addition of even more capability to future missions while maintaining the same basic infrastructure for other designs/products.

Jena-Optronik, based in Thuringia, Germany, is a worldwide leader in the development and manufacturing of optoelectronic sensors for the Attitude and Orbit Control Systems (AOCS) of satellites and spacecraft. Jena-Optronik’s current generation of star sensors as well as LiDAR sensors utilizes CAES’s GR712RC, a dual-core LEON3FT SPARC V8 microprocessor.

“CAES has a long line of proven LEON technology with a legacy of robustness for use in various space applications like LiDAR and star sensors so we are excited to sign this contract with Jena-Optronik and continue our heritage,” said Mike Elias, Vice President and General Manager, CAES Space Division. “In addition to delivering flight-proven technology, CAES is known for its expert technical support which sets it apart in the aerospace industry.”

“Given our very good experience with the prior generation LEONFT Processors, Jena-Optronik is looking forward to the next generation GR740, which will enable more computing power while meeting the required lower power for future Jena-Optronik sensor products in the coming years,” said Peter Kapell, CEO, Jena-Optronik. “We appreciate CAES as a key partner in our success in meeting more demanding future mission requirements.”

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