Rogue Space Systems Announces Hosted Payload Demonstration Program with RocketStar

Rogue Space Systems Announces Hosted Payload Demonstration Program with RocketStar

Rogue Space Systems Corporation, one of the leaders in the development of in-space services, has announced a new hosted payload demonstration with RocketStar that has the potential to take space propulsion to the next level. This hosting is set to launch RocketStar’s innovative water-based propulsion system into orbit aboard the next-generation Rogue Orbot.

“This will be the second propulsion payload hosting program to be executed by Rogue and additionally benefits the company by giving Rogue valuable insight to today’s cutting edge propulsion systems, a key driver in Rogue’s business model of RPOD.” said Brent Abbott, CRO of Rogue Space Systems.

Orbit-Bound Water Propulsion: A Sustainable Leap Forward

RocketStar’s propulsion system uses water, an abundant and environmentally friendly propellant, which can be sourced in space from asteroids, moons, or other planetary bodies, reducing the need for carrying toxic fuel loads from Earth. This sustainable approach not only diminishes the environmental impact but also has the potential to drastically cut mission costs and extend the operational life of spacecraft.

The Next Frontier For Rogue Orbot Missions

The upcoming mission will leverage the versatility and advanced capabilities of Rogue Space Systems’ Orbot platform. The Orbot is a state-of-the-art spacecraft designed for a variety of in-space services and is now testing RocketStar’s innovative propulsion systems.

"Our contract with rocketstar is a testament to our commitment to pushing the boundaries of space technology,” said Jeromy Grimmett, CEO of Rogue Space Systems. “The integration of their water-based propulsion system with our Orbot platform could set a new standard for sustainable and efficient in-space services.”

A Win for Innovation and Collaboration

“The program between Rogue Space Systems and RocketStar highlights the importance of strategic innovation in the new space economy, and we’re thrilled to be working with Rogue to bring our new propulsion to orbit”, said Christopher Craddock, Founder, and CEO of RocketStar. “This is another wonderful opportunity for us to prove the full potential of our propulsion system.”

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