MDA Set to Double its Workforce and Operations with Strategic Expansion in the UK

MDA Set to Double its Workforce and Operations with Strategic Expansion in the UK

MDA, a provider of advanced technology and services to the rapidly expanding global space industry, has revealed plans to more than double its UK workforce and operational footprint over the next 12 months. Announced in conjunction with the UK Space Conference 2023 taking place this week in Belfast, MDA confirmed plans to expand its talent base and operational capacity across the UK as the global space economy continues to grow.

As part of its UK expansion, MDA has announced plans to hire 75 new employees in the UK by the end of 2024, doubling its current UK workforce of 75 existing staff. The company is now actively recruiting for entry-level to senior positions in critical engineering disciplines including systems, payload, antenna, software, electronics and assembly, integration, and test.

"The UK has a vibrant space industry with the highly skilled technology talent we need to scale our global business, and we are accelerating our in-country investment as the global market for space-based technology continues to grow," said Anita Bernie, Managing Director of MDA UK. "The recent addition of the highly skilled digital payload team who just joined us from SatixFy enabled us to quickly double our footprint. With our intention to double again, we need more of that kind of expertise."

In addition, MDA is expanding its operational footprint across the UK, including:

  • The lease of a new facility in Stevenage with capacity for up to 100 digital satellite payload specialists;
  • The integration and expansion of an existing facility in Manchester that will house up to 40 digital satellite communications staff; and
  • The expansion of its existing facility in Didcot, with the lease of additional space on the Harwell Campus to accommodate engineering staff working on a range of exploration and in-orbit servicing missions.

"MDA UK's expansion is fantastic news and will support a number of key priorities for the UK Space Agency as we seize the significant opportunities associated with the Low Earth Orbit economy and maintain a leading role in the development of advanced satellite technologies," said Dr. Paul Bate, Chief Executive of the UK Space Agency. "This is a great example of what it means to make the UK one of the most innovative and attractive space economies in the world – catalyzing private investment and creating the jobs of tomorrow."

Today's announcement represents MDA's second major investment in the UK this year. In October, MDA completed the acquisition of the UK-based digital payload division of SatixFy Communications Ltd., accelerating MDA's market expansion in the UK and adding strategic in-country capability to produce satellite payloads.

"Transforming communications infrastructure is vital to closing connectivity gaps across the UK and around the world so that people can work and learn online wherever they live. This is why we are supporting the UK's pioneering space sector with a £160 million investment scheme – Connectivity in Low Earth Orbit – to drive the development of next-generation satellite communications here in the UK," said UK Minister of State for the Department of Science, Innovation and Technology, Andrew Griffith MP. "MDA's decision to expand its current operational footprint in the UK and double its UK workforce is truly welcome news. This is further proof that this government is providing the right support for space researchers and businesses, as we press on in our mission to build one of the most innovative and attractive space economies in the world."

The SatixFy acquisition, which marks a significant investment by MDA in the UK market, also supports the UK government's objective to maintain its leadership in the growing global satellite communications market.

"When it comes to global expansion and investment, we are looking for much more than a market for our technology. We are looking for countries with space ambitions, space budgets, and a space ecosystem including critical talent that can help fuel our growth," said Mike Greenley, CEO of MDA. "With innovative programs like the C-LEO program specifically focused on developing satellite communications payloads and systems, the UK Space Agency is taking the type of holistic and highly strategic approach to industrial development and investment that we look for."

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